May the Muse Be With You

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about new ideas for new stories. Well, I’m taking one of the ideas I had then and I am delving into it. I’m excited about it and so far I’m not having trouble working on the next scene each night. To me, that’s progress.

As a writer (as with anything else) there is both good and bad that comes with it. When you’re able to keep writing and it doesn’t feel like someone is yanking your teeth out, that’s a really good thing. I’ve been thinking less about word count and more about scenes.

We’ll see how the story ebbs and flows. I think this is going to be one of my stories that I write out of order. If I get a really good scene that comes to me, I have to write it down even if it won’t be until later in the book. I can’t seem to help myself. But those are normally some of the best scenes in the book, so I’m not going to stop doing it 🙂

Fingers crossed that the muse stays with me and these characters have their stories told.


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