It’s hard to believe it has only been a week since DEMONS IN THE ROUGH released! I’m so proud of that book and I really enjoyed writing both main characters. Marrick is different than a lot of the heroes I write. He is so very honorable and serious, but yet he had some of the best lines in the book. His misinterpreting earth sayings was a fun portion of the book and was even better when you realized he wasn’t as ‘clueless’ as he first appeared.

And Samantha (Sam) is a great character as well. Spending her life on the run and trying to protect her mother, she is a wonderful foil for Marrick.

Now that the release is done, I’ve put away my tiara, but only for a short time since in two weeks, the final book in the series, DEMONS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN will release as well.

When I am writing my books, I love each and every one of them, but there is something special about the final book in the series. Maybe it’s because I’m giving Boris his happy-ever-after. Boris appeared in Mind Sweeper, my very first book. I never thought he would become such an integral part of that series as well as the Realm series. So it only makes sense that Boris got his own book. And he needed a feisty mate to balance him out!

And of course that means I need to share Boris’ cover as well! What do you think? I LOVE IT. Seriously. And the blurb is below for you as well – check it out!

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A second chance at love – demon style…

Boris Chesnokov is one responsible demon. Leader of one of the most powerful demon clans on earth, he puts his family and clan above his own happiness. After losing the love of his life centuries ago, Boris doesn’t believe he will find love again.

Love, no. Frustration, yes—in the form of a demon female who invades his compound and puts him in his place. Gwen Taylor might be small in stature, but she is big in attitude, and for once in his very long life, Boris doesn’t know how to handle that. Especially when his mother hires Gwen to help with clan business.

Now he’s spending every day with this exasperating female, and he can’t get her out of his mind. Even worse, he’s beginning to feel again. But when enemies from both their pasts resurface, can Boris and Gwen work together to protect their clan and family? And in the process open their hearts to a second chance at love?


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