Cover Reveal – Sergei Wants in on the Fun

Now that I’ve shared the new covers for both Misha and Aleksei’s books, baby-brother Sergei wants in on the act. So check it out he brand new cover!

In DEMONS ARE FOREVER Sergei is a talented photographer who travels the world. And he’s also the brother who has alienated himself from his family. The last thing he is looking for is a mate. When a family emergency brings him home again, he has to face a lot of things he ran from in the past. And he meets a female who challenges him.

So there you go – my cover for my brooding photographer. I think it’s a winner!

If you’re keeping track, this is book 3 in the series. DEMONS IN THE ROUGH – Book 4 – releases on Monday, June 21st.

And no worries – these can all be read as standalones, but if you like to read in order, by all means, start with Misha’s book DEMONS WILL BE DEMONS that is FREE right now.

Sergei Buy:  Amazon  |  iBooks  |  Nook  |  Kobo


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