Here’s To A New Beginning

Writing can be a rollercoaster. The excitement of going up that hill, sitting at the top, and then racing down again while bringing readers along with us is a wonderful experience. But what you might not realize is that we (the writer) have to ride that rollercoaster over and over again, laying the tracks out with the right twists and turns so that the reader can have the thrill of the ride when they dive into the story.

Sometimes that means starting from the very beginning – strapping ourselves into the car and chugging up that hill many times to set up the story just right.

And that’s where I am right now. My editor sent back my first edits and suggested that I look at the first chapter again. UGHHH. Not something you want to hear, right? But if you don’t get that first chapter right, you can’t convince the reader to even step onto the ride. So I worked on the beginning again and think I got it “right”. But now I need to take those changes and incorporate them into the rest of the story.

So on I go. Buckle up!


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  1. Ugh yea. I don’t really enjoy the editing process one bit, especially if it involves external parties. I mean, I’ve grown a thick skin for writing for a living for a while now, but man, it still isn’t nice to know that what you put your heart and soul into just isn’t good enough yet. Thanks for sharing!

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