My Manuscript is Heading Off to School

So I sent off my draft manuscript to my editor for a developmental read. In some respects, I think of this version of the manuscript like a preschool child heading to school for the first time to learn the fundamentals. My editor will read the book and look for big picture issues with plot, character, timeline, etc. Then it comes back to me to revise.

After that, I send it back for the first edits (what I lovingly refer to as bloody edits). My editor works through it painstakingly and cleans things up. Think of the manuscript as a grade school child learning about reading, writing and arithmetic.

After first edits and revisions, you guessed it, the manuscript goes back for second edits where we do line edits and check for anything else we missed before. I would say the manuscript is in high school at this point.

Finally, the manuscript will head for proof edits and then will be formatted for digital and print books. Now the manuscript is in college getting ready to head out into the world.

And if I keep following this analogy, the book will graduate college in late October and will be in readers’ hands at that point.

I’ll let you know how ‘school’ goes over the next few months for the book…

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