A Writer’s Small Victories

In my last blog I talked about how my attention span has not been the best as of late. So I decided this weekend to do things a step at a time – small victories if you will.

So I…

  • Cleaned my house – check.
  • Cleaned out the ridiculous number of emails in my mail box – check.
  • Helped a writer friend with some plotting – check.
  • Went for a walk – check.
  • Wrote some of my book – check, check, check!

Each thing, while not big, was still a mighty victory in my mind because I accomplished something.

And even when some things didn’t go the way I planned, that’s okay too. Case in point – as I mentioned earlier, I cleaned my house. With cats, this means sweeping the floors and the furniture.

My girl cat has one spot on the couch that she has claimed as hers. Which means I have to spend a lot of time cleaning it. After twenty minutes of sweeping said couch, I decided to put a towel on her spot to see if that would help with the constant cleaning.

As you can see from the picture, initially I claimed this as a victory since she plopped down on the towel and didn’t bat an eye. Yahoo! However when I got up the next day and walked out into the living room, I found her on her spot minus the towel which had somehow mysteriously ended up behind the couch on the floor.

Oh well, that might be considered a defeat by some, but at least I tried, right?

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