Practicing Patience

With all the worries we’re facing right now one of the things we need to remember is the concept of patience.  Such a hard thing to embrace in a world of instant gratification. But here’s the thing.

Patience is going to make the next few weeks go by in a much less rocky way.

As a writer I have to practice patience all the time. I write novels, and normally when I start writing I know the beginning and end of my book. And this can be frustrating because I want to write the end NOW.

But before I can get to the end, I normally have at least seventy thousand words to write first. Which you guessed it, means patience.

So I plan to keep plugging ahead with my story and remind myself to take a breath and concentrate on the process along the way. I plan to do the same thing with what’s going on in the world around me.

Less rocky is the best way to go.

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