When Your Characters Won’t Wait For Their Happy Ending

In one month Misha’s book will release! He is so excited about his story going out into the world. Maybe it’s because he’s seen his teammates Kyle and Jean Luc find their true loves and he’s wanting to find his. And trust me when I say Misha can be impatient.

In the meantime, since it took a while for me to write his story, he was busy looking for love on his own. How did he do it? Online dating of course! So with Misha’s permission, I am sharing his dating profile. See what you think…

Name: Misha Sokalov
Age: 265
Species: Shamat Demon
Where do you live: Cleveland, OH
Languages: English & Russian
Children: None
Divorced: Yes (times 3)
Occupation: Supernatural Detective
Hobbies: Puzzles, matchmaking, eating, computers
Favorite Movies/TV Shows: TV – Anything from the 60’s through the 80’s, and anything goes for movies, from romantic comedies to action flicks. And of course Sci-Fi!
Are you close to your family: They make it hard not to be!
What do you want in that special someone: someone willing to have fun, but also looking for a long-term relationship. And they have to be able to put up with my family (see question above).
Are you willing to relocate: My job and family are in the Cleveland area, so I would like to stay in Northeast Ohio
What would your family say about you: that I can be a bit clueless, (which I don’t agree with) but I have a big heart that is looking for it’s special someone to fill it(which I do agree with).

And the profiles goes on…

Misha didn’t get too many hits on this. I told him it might be because his responses about his overbearing family scared suitors away! But no worries, thanks to me he will soon have his lady love in his arms!

And you will soon have the story in your hands!


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