Sorry for the blog delay, my friends. For some reason, it slipped my mind yesterday to post my Monday Blog. So this week, you’re getting to spend time with me on Tuesday.

I’m in the process of working on a spin off of my Mind Sweeper series that revolves around my beloved character, Misha. And since Misha has two brothers, they have decided that their stories need to be told as well.

It’s interesting to write characters that are related. In some ways you need something to tie them together, but in other ways you want them to be individuals. In the case of my Russian demon brothers, they are all very different.

Misha is lovable, and loyal, and overprotective. Alexsei is honorable, bossy, and overprotective. Sergei is trying to find his way and overprotective. See? Commonalities, but oh so diverse at the same time.

So not only does each story have a different slant, but I also get to play the brothers off of each other. There’s going to be some “bro-angst” in the stories which will make them fun to write and fun to read as well.

And how can you not love big sexy demons brothers who need to be loved whether they realize it or not? Add in a feisty demon grandmother playing matchmaker, and you’ve got an interesting spin on things. And I’m all about the spin!

So stay tuned, and I’ll let you know how it goes as their stories unfold.

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