The Best Kind Of Fortune

This weekend I ordered Chinese food. With it came the obligatory fortune cookie. I always read the fortune even if I don’t finish the cookie. Most of the time, I forget the words that appear on the small rectangle of paper before I have even walked out of the restaurant.

Every so often, a special fortune comes along and I hold on to the slip of paper as a reminder. This one was a doozy.

“Romance stirs your heart – share it with others.”

Pretty appropriate for me, the romance author. Perfect you might say and timely – including the closeness to Valentine’s Day. It’s as if I get these little cosmic pushes telling me to keep writing and telling my stories. And that’s important. Sometimes you wonder if the writing is paying off, then you get a reminder of why you need to keep going.

If someone enjoys my romantic mysteries (or mysterious romances) and possibly escapes whatever is bothering them for a short time, then why wouldn’t I keep writing them?

Since we are two days shy of Valentine’s Day, I will say that romance is something that should be shared, and I hope to continue sharing it through my stories.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I can feel romance in the air…and in the pages of a book.




2 thoughts on “The Best Kind Of Fortune

  1. Don’t you love when those fortunes ring true. Of course the ones that say you are going to win the lottery never come true. You keep on writing those stories. Let the reader escape reality for a little time. That’s why I read.

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