Impatience is my Middle Name

I am getting sooo close to finishing the draft of the current manuscript I’m working on that my impatience gene has kicked in BIG TIME. When I am close to the finish line, I want to sprint to the end.

Yep, I’m too busy gasping for air and dreaming of running through the finish tape, throwing my hands in the air and screaming YEAH!

But if I start sprinting and not watching my step, then I don’t take into account that there are plot lines and character developments that need to be wrapped up in order to offer the reader a satisfying ending.

And while that may already exist in my head. I need to make sure it ends up on the page as well.

So I regulate my breathing and my stride and head toward that finish line at the pace I need to set to finish the RIGHT WAY.

And I remind myself, that the book is far from over. Maybe I need to think about it as a triathlon. The next leg are the edits and then publishing takes up the third part of race.

Breathing regulated…



One thought on “Impatience is my Middle Name

  1. You can do it. Take your time and give it your best. You’ve worked hard and don’t want the ending to disappoint your readers, like me. Hope to see it at the e-book store soon.

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