Thawing Out

Over the past few weeks I (and many of you as well) have been living in what I like to call Frozen-ville. And while there are no quirky singing sisters or a comedic snowman in my current land, there has been a lot of snow, and ice, and single-digit temperatures.

So I thought it appropriate that last week, as I was writing my newest novel, that I got stuck. I basically decided I was not going in the right direction with my story and that caused me to freeze in my tracks (pun intended). I spent a couple days trying to rework my plot to see where I needed to go and with the rework, the story came to a standstill.

This weekend, the weather changed and with the rising temperatures the snow and ice melted away. And luckily, the thawing of the snow corresponded with the thawing in my brain and I started to write again.

Writing is never easy. It can be fun, and exciting, and sad, and painful, but it ebbs and flows, or freezes at the worst of times.

Now I am enjoying the thaw while I can. A glimpse of what spring will look like in a couple months, but a welcome respite before the cold sneaks back again. Hopefully, I can keep my brain thawed, and the story flowing, even when the snow starts to fly again outside my window.


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