To Glitter or Not To Glitter

Call me old fashioned, but there is something magical about receiving Christmas cards in the mail. You go to your mailbox and a stack of colorful envelopes wait for you. Then you slit them open to see pretty cards and notes from friends. Or maybe you get a picture card of the sender’s children as they grow another year older.

Yep, that is simple pleasure.

This past weekend I wrote my Christmas cards and just dropped them into the mailbox a few minutes ago. For me, choosing the right card is a science. What do I want to convey? With the words, with the pictures…what mood do I want to send to my friends and family as I offer them season’s greetings? And of course, there is the ever important question of how much bling do I want to send their way.

How do you bling a card? I’m glad you asked. It’s all about glitter!

Some people don’t like the mess that glitter makes. But for me, glitter provides a little magic to the season. And we could all use some magic in our lives, whether from a card or a story. Sometimes experiencing something a little unexpected is what we all need to get through the day.

So fair warning, friends and family…get out your dust vacs and prepare to be “glitterfied”.


One thought on “To Glitter or Not To Glitter

  1. Back in the day when I sent out cards, I was a glitter kind of girl. My cards ranged from Happy Santas, to inspirational to sweet winter scenes. I loved sending as well as receiving. I no longer send out cards, another piece of the Holiday slipping away along with fewer and fewer decorations. I still feel it in my heart though, so have a Merry Christmas full of all the joy and glitter you can stand.

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