Attract Them in 30 Seconds

Have you ever watched a cowboy riding a bull? Eight seconds to ride that animal and convey a story of grit and determination (and hopefully not broken bones and stitches).

And not only is the cowboy holding on for dear life, the audience is as well. For an author, our books offer hours of entertainment, but when we are telling a potential reader about them, we don’t have that luxury.

My newest book releasing November 13th is almost 80,000 words, but the description of the book is less than 150. And that’s not an easy feat, let me tell you. But what is even harder is telling a story in seconds. And that’s what a book trailer does, in 30 seconds you need to know what that story is all about. Now, my hands are sweating thinking about it!

But I’m up for the challenge. Check out my newest book trailer below…




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