A Writer’s Version of a Face Lift

Have I intrigued you? Well, the sort of face lift I’m describing doesn’t involve a plastic surgeon. For writers our platform needs to change as we grow and change as well. So I have been doing a little “tweaking”…hee hee.

The first tweak was to my website. I changed it up a little bit, so check it out when you get an opportunity.

The next tweak is a biggie – drum roll please – after thinking long and hard about it, I am changing my paranormal wedding planner covers. No, I did not fall and hit my head. Let me explain. While I think my current covers for the series are beautiful and my cover artist did everything that I asked her to do, I don’t think that they capture the true “spirit” of the series.

So mid-October, I will be revealing not one, not two, but THREE new wedding planner covers! The first two will be new renditions of IN SICKNESS AND IN ELF and FROM THIS FAE FORWARD. The third cover will be TO HAVE AND TO HOWL, the third book in the series that will be releasing the second week of November! Yay!

I can’t wait to share them with you! We’re going to have a fun-filled fall together – I promise!!


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