Binge-worthy Entertainment

Growing up, I was a TV junkie. Name it and I watched it. One of my favorite magazines was the TV Guide Season Preview Guide. I loved reading about the new shows coming, and I would highlight the guide and plan out what I would watch.

Now, with my job and my writing, I have very little time to watch TV anymore. A little sad, but I have a new addiction – writing stories.

There are a couple exceptions to my no-TV-watching life. One of those exceptions is the show Supernatural. You’re probably not surprised about that, right 🙂

Well, over the Labor Day weekend, I was sick. So other than editing (which had to get done) I started to watch season 12. I had the entire season recorded on my DVR. And I binged most of the shows, leaving a small number that I have been watching this past week.

And I’m reminded why I love TV and why that has evolved into my writing career. When it comes down to it, a good story is a good story. Yes, Supernatural has demons, and vamps, and angels, and anything else you can think of. But what makes the show amazing is that it is ultimately about sacrifice, and love, and family. Oh and of course the two scrumptious brothers don’t hurt the show either. And they get to dust really EVIL things. That plays into Good vs Evil, David vs Goliath…

How can you not WANT to watch that? or read that?

So as I watch the last show of season 12, I have to remember that good story-telling is about letting the reader or watcher empathize with the characters. Because coming along for the ride and escaping into a new world is the best!

And before I sign off, I want to let everyone in Hurricane Irma’s path know I am thinking and praying for you.


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