My Goldilocks Story

bed-1545991_640.pngYou read it right, my friends. Today, I lived a part of the Goldilocks tale. How you might ask? I went mattress shopping! And as I tested the different mattresses, the story kept running through my head.

AE laid on the first bed and it was way too soft, then she moved to the next and it was way too hard. Finally, AE found the bed that was just right and she settled in for a nice long nap. Okay…maybe that last part is a bit of a fabrication since I was in the middle of a mattress store, but you get the idea.

Fairy tales immerse us in a world very different than our own, yet it keeps us in the story with the familiar. Even though we might not have been lost in a forest and experienced Mama, Papa and Baby Bear, we, at one time or another, experienced a comfy bed and warm porridge (or oatmeal, cream of wheat…you get the idea).

Good stories are about bringing the reader along for a ride they have not experienced before. But there are touch points along the way that anchor us to the world.

Let me explain using my stories. As you know, I write about paranormal and when I tell people that I do, they often will tell me they don’t read that sort of thing. But here’s the thing. My stories are about characters who want love, and family, and have fights and make up. The characters just happen to be paranormal, but it doesn’t make their emotions and dreams different than what we, as humans want and need – touch points that anchor.

Make sense? Kind of an interesting analogy from a day of mattress shopping!

Before I close my blog for the day, I wanted to say on a more serious note – thoughts and prayers are going out to all of you who are impacted by Hurricane Harvey.


2 thoughts on “My Goldilocks Story

  1. You never know where your creative juices will pop up. Though you will probably never write a Goldilocks story, you subconscious is always searching for ideas. Fun post. Hope you bought the perfect bed.

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