Summer Desperation


I can feel the anxiety in the air. I call it summer desperation. The last few weeks before the glorious season comes to an end and we head into fall. With these last days, there is a need to eat fresh foods, sit in the sun, walk barefoot in the grass, drive with the top down, swim, boat, camp, grill outside, and get in those last minute summer reads!

All the fun things that we enjoy in the freedom of the warm season – at least for those of us who have cold winters!

As much as I love the fall, there is something bittersweet about these last weeks of summer. As if our play days are coming to an end whether we want them to or not. Of course, for writers, we can delve into worlds where the sun is shining warmly. I have found that the weather in my books often reflect the mood of the scene I’m creating.

One scene that stick out to me in particular is in Sentinel Lost, the 5th book in my Mind Sweeper series. Kyle must face something painful, that she prayed she never would again, and as she runs outside, the rain comes down, cold and wet as if Mother Nature cried along with her. It just fit with the mood.

So as I walk barefoot outside and lean back absorbing the sun on my face, I know that I can visit summer anytime I want in my writing. And I’ll remember that when the air outside fills with frost.

What about you? Can you think of stories where weather plays a part in the story?


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