Writing Truly IS An Adventure


For the past two days, I have been reading my newest manuscript in preparation to send to my editor. As I read through the story, I’m reminded that the words, if written correctly, pull you down a path of discovery.

While I read tonight, my girl cat performed an acrobatic dance that would make a Circ performer jealous. She was chasing some sort of flying bug and entertaining me while she soared through the air.

And that’s when it hits me. For her, she was on an adventure to capture the “winged beast”. She will do everything in her power to succeed. Writers also live for the adventure. Whether the plot lends itself to the high seas, or a distant planet, or a house in the suburbs, the true adventure is unraveling the story as the words fill the page.  If told well, the adventure pulls the reader in as well and allows them to escape to a world of the author’s making. Pretty heady stuff, huh?



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