Your Choice: Savor or Devour


This weekend, one of my writer friends showed up at my house with chocolate cake. Now, I am not going to turn that away, I mean her away. She brought a large piece so I ate a couple of yummy bites and then put it away for another time. I found myself savoring the cake over a couple of days and it got me thinking that eating a treat can be compared to reading a great book. Now stay with me, and I’ll explain what this is all about.

I have found that when a book is really good many readers do one of two things.

Savor – when a reader reads slowly to savor the story because they don’t want it to end

Devour – when a reader can’t put a book down because it is that good

I have a tendency to devour books. I read the last Harry Potter book in one day! With some of my favorite writers, I will read the book FAST, FAST, FAST and then go back and reread the story. If we take the cake analogy further, I would say I eat the frosting and then go back and eat the rest of the cake 🙂

As an author, I hope that readers enjoy my stories right down the the last sweet bite!

So what type of reader are you when you get that really GOOD book?




One thought on “Your Choice: Savor or Devour

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  1. With individual books, it tends to depend on available reading time. But with series that I love, I may save the last book (or two) for months because I don’t want to say goodbye to that world. Of course, there’s always reading them ll again from the beginning, but It’s really hard to find the time for that. I brought eight books home from RWA2017 (very conservative of me) and I’ve downloaded five books to my kindle in the last week.

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