Humor Me This

smiley-1876329_640When I write, I find that I can’t tell a story that doesn’t contain humor. It’s central to my being and therefore central to the characters and scenes I create. I think it’s because even in the hardest and toughest of times, humor plays a part. A smile or a simple laugh can get us through a tough day.

For my characters, humor is a tool. For some, it’s their friend and they embrace it and share it. For others, they use it as a weapon to keep people from getting too close.

And there is something poignant about humor in romance/suspense. It serves as a wonderful foil when things aren’t going well. To have the ability to release tension through laughter moves the story forward.

So sometimes a laugh, isn’t just a laugh. It serves a greater purpose. When you read do you like to laugh even when you want to cry? That to me is an amazing story. Smiling with tears in my eyes. As a writer, my goal is to bring you to both. Hopefully, I’ll continue to do so šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Humor Me This

  1. I agree with you AE. Humor, especially unexpected humor changes the feeling of an entire scene. A bit of a respite in a scene full of tension. For instance. What if your cops were on a high-speed chase and a mother duck and her babies waddle across the street. The driver swears but swerves so not to hit the ducks. His partner swears back and says “Why didn’t you run them over?” The driver says back. “Oh yeah, what would I tell my kids.” Sorry popped into my head.

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