Writer’s Guide to Sagging Middles

belly-2354_640For a writer, middles can be quite troublesome. In a book, the beginning draws the reader in and the ending gives the reader a satisfying (hopefully) conclusion. The hardest thing to write? The daggone middle of the book. You have to propel that story along and keep the reader tagging along for the ride.

You’ll hear writers talk about sagging middles and while they might be talking about their midsection, more then likely they mean the middle of their work. It is so important to draw the reader into the story and KEEP THEM INVESTED. So the middle is very important. If it sags, the reader might abandon the story and never read the amazing ending.

For me, getting to the middle of the book is sometimes stressful. Ultimately, it is one of the turning points  (in both the story and my writing) and begins the set up for the rest of the unveiling. Because the center of the book is so important, as a writer it is often hard to get to it and get through it. Which is why I’m so happy to have gotten to the middle of my current novel and am starting to pick up speed in anticipation of the second half of the story!

Think of this way…when you start to exercise, it is so much easier to finish the workout once you’ve reached the half way mark. That’s how it feels once you’ve gotten past that middle scene. Not only does the reader want that happy-ever-after to happen, but so does the writer!

Sit-ups and crunches aside, I made it through the middle and am heading toward that finish line.


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