Summer Loving


Last night I was working on my work in progress and I heard a scream. It was a cat screaming at the top of their lungs and if you’ve ever heard one before, you know how spooky it can be. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I ran into my living room thinking that one of my two cats had gotten hurt or caught on something.

I found my girl cat with her nose pressed against the sliding glass door looking out on my back patio. On the patio, nose pressed to the glass looking into my living room, was another cat. Who was screaming.

I tapped on the glass to try to get it to go away and it simply sat there staring at my girl cat. I closed the curtains which didn’t stop girl cat from peeking outside when I wasn’t looking (she is a flirt at heart). Then when I looked out to see what was happening, the cat on the patio rolled over and showed my cat it’s belly which caused my cat to meow at him.

And the more I watched these two interact, the more it made me think of Romeo and Juliet. Now, you may wonder how I made that leap? Well, keep in mind that I was in the middle of writing a scene in my romance novel when this happened, and Romeo (outside cat) had finally stopping howling at Juliet (inside cat). Instead, he made low noises in his throat. (Think balcony soliloquy).

What light through yonder window breaks…

And for a little while the cats looking longingly through the window at each other until I finally shooed Romeo away. I felt bad about it, but these two were never destined to be together (plus Juliet has been fixed so, Romeo needed to move on to the next villa).

It was a fun distraction (once Romeo stopped yowling) and made me think of young love in the summertime. How fast and hot a relationship can burn until summer fades away making room for fall. And it gave me some fodder to think about for my own stories…



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