Snippets of Emotion


I don’t have time to watch much TV anymore. Between my day job and my writing, watching TV is a luxury. However tonight I had a show on as I was working on my computer. When a commercial came on, I would mute the TV. But then for some reason I started to watch the commercials without the sound and I was fascinated.

If you throw out the wacky ones (and lets be honest, there are quite a few of those) and you concentrate on the commercials that tell a story, you can get hooked. And the more I started to examine the “good” ones, the more I realized that they resonated with me. They told stories of love and family. They were snippets of emotion that pulled you in and held onto you for the thirty or sixty seconds.

For writers, I think that our scenes are snippets of emotion. The good ones are remembered and talked about because they elicit emotions. We become part of the scene and the character’s laughter and tears become ours as well. Because that’s what a good scene does – it evokes something from the reader (and the writer).



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