A Cat’s Life


If you’ve read my work, you know that I usually have cats in my stories. Some play secondary parts and some…not so secondary. I have always had a fascination with cats. I think it’s because in some respects I’m jealous of them.

I imagine what it would be like to be a cat…

  • I can lay down wherever and whenever I want (just plop down and squeeze my eyes shut)
  • I can ignore you (or pretend to ignore you) when I don’t like what you’re saying
  • I can be haughty when I want to be
  • I can be affectionate when I want to be
  • I can have people offer excuses for me…”I don’t know what to say other than cats don’t listen”
  • I can get away with attitude or what I like to call cattitude
  • I can have someone take care of me while I lounge around
  • I can do yoga stretches like a yogi master
  • I can jump the equivalent of a three story building in a single bound (look out Superman)
  • I can meow until I get my way

Yep, a cat’s life is pretty sweet. Plus cats are all about personality. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to them. It’s like having a built in character study with fur in your own living room. And writers are all about good characters.

So tonight, I’m going to pat my two kitties on the head and thank them for inspiring me…maybe they’ll appreciate it, or then again, maybe they won’t. With cats it’s all about mood.


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