Who is my Audience?

grandstand-330930_640Lately, I’ve been spending time thinking about my readers. As a writer, that is something I should do more often than not, because as I write my stories, I have to like what I create for myself, but I also need to write something that I hope my readers like as well. If I don’t, no one will read my stories and that is a writer’s biggest fear. Or it’s my fear, anyway.

When I look at my novels, I think about what comes into play and ultimately what my audience likes to read. My stories have humor, mystery, romance, and sarcasm, mashed together in a supernatural blender.

But ultimately the books circle around a recurring theme. My characters are on a search for self. Their journey includes various challenges, but the crux is about gaining confidence in yourself in order to trust the people. Without trust there is no chance for relationships or love.

Which means my audience likes funny, angsty, challenging mysteries with heart and growth. You guys are pretty sophisticated!!

So there is a little bit of everything in my stories. If you’re a current reader, thank you for your amazing support. If you’re new to my books and are considering joining audience AE then I just want to say…

Welcome and enjoy the show!



2 thoughts on “Who is my Audience?

    1. Yes, it can be intimidating to think about your audience, but ultimately if it is a good book the hope is they will come 🙂
      And I’m glad you like my characters (I do too!)

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