Break Time

beach-1868047_640.jpgIn the past three months I have released three flashback stories in my Mind Sweeper series. And while it has been a blast, I need to step back and work on my next project. But I also need to take a break as well.

Even though I think of myself as the Energizer Bunny sometimes, I have to remember that I can’t go non-stop without falling over and running out of batteries 🙂

And while running full tilt can impact my body, it can also impact my writing as well. So I am going to take a bit of a break. While I won’t be physically heading to a tropical paradise as shown in the pic included, that doesn’t mean I won’t be heading there in my mind. Writers can do that, you know. We live in another world in our brains as we write, why not when we take vacation too!

For me, relaxation often means new ideas, and/or fixing stalled stories. An added bonus! So sit back with me, kick your feet up, and take a deep breath.

If I deserve a break, you do too!

4 thoughts on “Break Time

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  1. Have fun! My guess as to how you were taking your break was going to be that you backed off your obligatory projects and wrote something fun just for yourself! Also, avocado tacos are AMAZING and a good meal never hurt anyone!

      1. Totally agree. If you are ever in Fairlawn, Tres Portrillos makes the best avocado tacos. Not my opinion, just a simple fact. 🙂

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