Alternate Reality


I live in Ohio and you’ve heard me talk about the crazy weather we have here on more than one occasion. This past week was a perfect example of said craziness. On Friday, it snowed. Where I lived we got about three inches, although some areas of Ohio got double-digit snow. By Sunday it was 70 degrees.

People were outside in shorts and flip-flops and there was still snow on the ground. It kind of blows your mind when stuff like that happens, it’s as if the shift in reality happens too quickly and it takes awhile to catch up.

For me, writing can be a mind-blowing experience as well. When my writing is flowing, I’m in that world standing alongside my characters. Sometimes, I’m inside my characters’ bodies, feeling what they’re feeling and living through them. So imagine when it is time to pull out of that world?

Yep, reality shift multiplied by a thousand! And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that I write about paranormal!




One thought on “Alternate Reality

  1. Ohio weather is like an otherworld experience. Freezing snow to 70 degrees overnight. A writer only hopes that they can get inside their characters, to know them so well that read their emotions.

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