Writer’s Recycling Guide

conservation-429700_640Did I get your attention with the blog title, my friends? Good. Let me explain. I have been having trouble writing the third book in my wedding planner series. I already told you that I reworked the beginning chapters several times and made the book better, however, I still was stalling out as I moved further into the story. Frustration ensued – big time. Until I realized something.

I was writing the wrong book.

Yep. I had a story line in this book which really didn’t belong there. So I stripped it out and increased the amperage of the other story line which was truly the crux for both the hero and heroine.

Changing the book, meant cutting scenes and most authors hate to cut things. But when I came to the revelation that I was writing the wrong book, I also realized that the story line I had to cut really belong in the NEXT book of the series! So those scenes will be tweaked and used again.

My idea of recycling – author style!


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