Do you Trust Me?

girl-1275656_640Next week is the release of my second flashback story, Trust Me. This is another story about a young Kyle McKinley who is spreading her wings so to speak as she works for the Bureau of Supernatural Relations. This go around, she heads undercover for the first time, and in usual Kyle fashion she does it her own way.

But the theme for this story and honestly the crux of most of my stories is the idea of trust and how that can impact your relationships or lack thereof.

Most of the heroines (and sometimes heroes) of my stories come from a past where their ability to trust or be trusted has been damaged. There is something fundamental to the idea of letting someone close enough to you that you truly trust them. So it seemed appropriate for me to title this story Trust Me.

Ultimately in a romance part of the journey is bringing the couple together so that they find a way to trust each other and then love follows. But I also think trust permeates all relationships. For Kyle, in these early stories, it’s a love journey, but not of the romantic variety. It is a building of her relationship with her teammates and finding her own confidence in the process.

It’s a fun little story that releases on the 28th. You’ll like it, trust me on this.

Okay, I couldn’t help myself on that last line…too much? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Do you Trust Me?

  1. I do trust you because it’s been on pre-order since you first announced it. Trust is an important issue, especially in Romance Novels. As in mine, the heroine has a damaged past relationship and the whole story is my hero trying to break down those barriers. Good luck with this one too. I love Kyle.

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