Taking the Chance

microphone-1074362_640I am posting my Monday blog rather late tonight mainly because I got distracted watching The Voice on TV. Normally, I honestly have little to no time to watch television (and I shouldn’t have been watching it tonight either). But there is something about the blind auditions that suck me in every time.

This is when it truly is about the voice – the talent. The judges are listening to someone that they have never met or seen before. And there is something so amazing to see these talented singers come out on stage and sing their hearts out for 90 seconds hoping for that chair to turn around.

I think the reason why these first episodes of the season really resonate with me is because it is about working and striving and dreaming after years of singing to be recognized.

As an author, I know what it is like to want to have the world see my talent. It might not be my singing voice, but it is my writing voice that wants to be on stage displayed for all. When my books release, I sit waiting for that “chair to turn”. For readers to like my stories. It can be nerve-wracking and awe-inspiring at the same time. But it’s what I have chosen to do with my life. It’s where I find my joy.

I hope you find the thing  that brings you joy in life and whatever it is, may you be willing to stand on that stage and have “the chair turn for you”.

Huh…Kind of sounds like a new version of “may the force be with you”, right? 🙂 Oh come on, you were thinking it, I was just brave enough to type it…



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