Forget Me Release Day!

Hello my friends! Today is release day for Forget Me. I’m very excited to be back in the Mind Sweeper world I first created. Kyle, Misha, and Jean Luc are such wonderful characters to write, they feel like family to me. And like most families, they have been quite “vocal” about not getting to spend time with me lately.

So the flashback stories were born! I hope you enjoy this quick, fun read about Kyle coming to work for the Bureau of Supernatural Relations.

20170227_192121As usual, I have included my release day picture with my – kickbutt, writer princess tiara securely placed on my noggin. Since I am releasing the stories as digital only, I had to improvise and hold up a picture of my cover for you all to see.

I hope you enjoy this story to help celebrate the last day of February and welcome March.

Thanks for being such wonderful readers!



Forget Me

prequel-ver-2-2Find out where it all began…

Nineteen-year-old Kyle McKinley is having a really bad day. She gets caught stealing, her boyfriend abandons her, and—oh yeah—apparently, vampires, demons, and other beasties actually exist.

What’s a girl to do?

Accept a job offer with a paranormal shadow-type agency…

This is the story of how Kyle’s world is turned upside down and she meets her teammates, vampire Jean Luc and demon Misha, for the first time. And as usual, there’s a mystery with a paranormal twist to solve, and Kyle learns about herself in the process.

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