Prequel this!

yoga-241613_640.jpgTomorrow FORGET ME releases. It is the first story in my Mind Sweeper flashback story trilogy I will be releasing over the next three months. The story is a prequel – it looks back at the beginning of Kyle’s journey. How did she find out about paranormal to begin with?

As a reader, I often wonder why author’s write prequels. Why go back in time after books have already been established in the series? But then I started to read some of these prequels and they were wonderful. It was interesting to peek into the past with the knowledge of what had happened in the present to these characters.

As a writer, I totally get it. It is an opportunity to explore your characters in a different way-to provide some wonderful backstory to help readers learn more about your characters’ motivations.

So that’s why she does that… No wonder she doesn’t trust easily… etc., etc.

I also have a tendency to jump around when I write my books. A chapter at the end of the book might be written at the beginning of my “writerly process”. So the fact that I wrote these flashback stories after I have already written five books in the series doesn’t surprise me at all. My brain works in mysterious-circular ways.

I hope you all are looking forward to the stories! Prequels make sense to me, and if they can make gazillions on them in the Star Wars universe, then I can’t be far off the path, right?

Or look at it this way. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to go backwards.




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