Magic Words: Free Book

As you know from my previous blog posts, I have been working on the business side of AE Jones, Author. As part of that process, I am trying to let more readers know about me and my books.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Authors are often introverts. Very true. While they love their stories and want to share them with the world, it is VERY hard to ask people to buy, buy, buy their books. While I was born with an overactive imagination, I was not born with what I call the ‘sales gene’.

Many times you will hear that a good book sells other books. And while this is very true, the important step of that equation that must be figured out is how to get the good book in the readers’ hands to begin with!

One of the ways to entice readers to try an author they haven’t read before is to offer the first book in a series at a reduced rate or even free. This gives readers the ability to try out the author to see what they think. The hope is (fingers and toes crossed) that the reader will fall in love with the series and be willing to buy the other books.

So I have finally taken the plunge into the “free pool”. Mind Sweeper, the first book in my series, is currently available for FREE on all the retail sites listed below. If you’ve been wanting to try out my series and haven’t taken your own plunge yet, please jump in and take a dip – the water is warm!

Here’s hoping that more readers find my stories. I love sharing my characters with the world.

Mind Sweeperrdnjvpcv

Mind Sweeper is about Kyle McKinley, a woman with the ability to erase memories.

Her job? Help hide the existence of supernatural. And they don’t make it easy.

This story has mystery, romance, humor, and sexy supernaturals. And in the midst of all this is a feisty heroine trying to find her way in the world.



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