Cover Reveal in Triplicate!

Happy February, my friends! Today I am going to share with you, not one…not two…but THREE cover reveals! My three prequel or flashback short stories in my Mind Sweeper universe will be coming your way starting this month. Check them out below!

Forget Me will release on February 28th. Trust Me on March 28th and Protect Me on April 25th!

Preorder links are provided below for those of you who like to plan ahead 🙂

Forget Me

prequel-ver-2-2Find out where it all began…

Nineteen-year-old Kyle McKinley is having a really bad day. She gets caught stealing, her boyfriend abandons her, and—oh yeah—apparently, vampires, demons, and other beasties actually exist.

What’s a girl to do?

Accept a job offer with a paranormal shadow-type agency…

This is the story of how Kyle’s world is turned upside down and she meets her teammates, vampire Jean Luc and demon Misha, for the first time. And as usual, there’s a mystery with a paranormal twist to solve, and Kyle learns about herself in the process.

PREORDER:   Amazon    iTunes     Kobo    B&N

Trust Metrust-me-rev2

It’s been a year since Kyle McKinley realized that paranormals do, indeed, exist. A year of working with an overprotective vampire and demon. A year of actually using her ability to manipulate memories to help the good guys.

The team’s newest case revolves around supernatural extortionists. When local businesses are forced to pay protection money, Kyle convinces her teammates to let her go undercover for the first time to stop the culprits.

Will Jean Luc and Misha trust her to get the job done? And does she trust her own abilities enough to stop the threats of violence before they become a reality?

PREORDER:   Amazon    iTunes     Kobo    B&N

Protect Me

protectmerev2Kyle McKinley is turning twenty-one. She should be celebrating with cake and her first legal drink, but instead she must face down a deranged demon.

When the demon collapses, Doctor Sabrina Miller is called in to help the team. Kyle is not too happy with the new addition, especially since Sabrina is perfect: smart, ridiculously beautiful, and an actual life saver. How is she supposed to compete with that?

Plus, the confrontation with the demon has left Kyle’s confidence in shambles. Can she accept Sabrina as part of the team and let go of her fears in order to stop drug dealers threatening the demon population?

Just another day’s work at the Bureau of Supernatural Relations…

PREORDER:   Amazon     iTunes     Kobo    B&N



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