Forced Slowdown

book-1936547_640Tonight (like most nights) I came home from my day job with a list of “author things” to do. There are many days where I basically turn off my work computer, commute home and then turn on my writing computer.

However, my plans were interrupted by a power outage. It was ironic, really, since I literally had just opened up my blog post to type my weekly thoughts to send out into cyber space and my world went black. With the exception of my laptop. And I thought that I would write my blog. Even though my laptop was still functional, I no longer had connection to my website since my router needs electricity to work! Duh.

So I shut off my computer and found my trusty lamp flashlight that I got from a friend for just this sort of occasion. And as the dark minutes ticked away, I realized that my list was not going to get done tonight.

But that was okay.

Sometimes I need to take a break and if I don’t come to that conclusion myself, Fate steps in for me.

So I read a book next to the lamplight for the evening and as I got ready for bed a few minutes ago, the lights finally came on with thirty minutes to spare before my Monday blog became a Tuesday one.

So here you go! It made sense to share my non-productive, but relaxing evening with you. Forced slowdown accomplished. I’ll dive into the list tomorrow. Tonight, I’m heading to bed. The lights came on just in time for me to turn them off again!




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