Project AE

I love to write, which as an author is a wonderful thing. But as a published author, I realized quite quickly there there is a great deal of other things that make up my author world.

In 2017 my plan is to really work at the business side of writing. And to do this, I am actually delving into my day job training. I don’t normally talk about what my 8-5 job is, and I won’t bore you too much with details. But I will tell you that one of the responsibilities I have in my day job revolves around project management. And that is something that I will definitely be utilizing this year for my books and my business.

I could come up with a long, drawn-out name to describe what I hope to accomplish, but for now, I’m going to stick with something simple: Project AE.


I am outlining my plans and scheduling the timing to make some of these changes happen so that I get to know more readers and they get to know my books!

Writing is my joy and I want to share that. I never thought I would need a project plan to accomplish it, but I’m not afraid to think outside the box..I write paranormal after all!


2 thoughts on “Project AE

  1. Hey AE, I’ve been hiding for awhile. I hit send on my Golden Heart Entry and started the sequel. I have made some plans too. Not all of them are around my writing, though the writing will benefit. Hope to see you soon.

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