A Writer’s Christmas

As we head into 2017, I am reflecting back on the holiday season. I received a number of gifts that were very “writerly” in theme and goes to show how my friends and family have my back on this author journey.

My brother and sister-in-law gave me a new e-reader for both my writer and reader persona.

20170102_194725One of my friends bought me this bracelet. It shows the definition of the word “Write”. How cool is that? Always there, reminding me what I love to do.




20170102_194459Another friend saw this sign and felt it was a good theme for me as I head into 2017. She is my cheerleader and always tells me to think of things as an opportunity.




20170102_194531Yet another wonderful friend bought me this hand-painted plate that depicts Cleveland’s Little Italy, which is where my heroine, Kyle, lives in my Mind Sweeper Series. She wanted me to always be able to think of my stories when I looked at it.





20170102_194435Last, but not least, my dad gave me a mariner’s compass for my office. He gave it to me so
that I can always find “my true north” and I have to remember that when I get overwhelmed on this writer’s journey. All of my friends and family support me. I see it in their words and actions and this year, I especially saw it in their thoughtful gifts.





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