Holiday Decompression

relax-955798_640.jpgWe are heading into the last days of December as we wrap up our holiday celebrations. I spent time away from home visiting my brother and his family over the past weekend, so I apologize (once again) for the late blog. I promise to get back on my Monday blog schedule!

But now I am in the middle of winding down the holidays and the year. I call it my holiday decompression time. Not only do I stop the eating and rushing around like a crazy person, I take time to take a breath. Soon, the new year will be upon us with new plans and timetables.

But for the rest of this week I am going to breathe and clean out my closets and pantry and everything else that needs to be purged for the new year.

And once I’ve done that, it will allow me to get ready for 2017. I’ve got some interesting things in the works for you, my friends. I’ll let you in on my plans soon…

But for now, take a breath and relax. Read a good book while you’re at it. You’ve earned it!




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