The Cat Takes Over

20161212_205129It’s time for my weekly blog, but as I try to write my words of (somewhat) wisdom, I am interrupted, repeatedly, by my boy cat.

He has decided-as he often does-that he wants me to pay attention to him. First he sits next to me at the counter, then he gets on my lap, and when that doesn’t stop me from typing, he lays between my arms in front of the keyboard and bumps his head against my hands to pet him.

Not too subtle, but with a face like his, he gets away with a lot. So I deleted the blog I was working on tonight and decided to dedicate it to Dillon, aka spoiled rotten cat. He doesn’t care that I have a blog to write or a manuscript deadline to meet. He lives in the moment.

He doesn’t let the holidays or the list of ‘must-dos’ stress him out. And THAT is actually something I can learn from my cat. With all the craziness and stresses (real and imagined) we place on ourselves, it’s good to take a break and pay attention to ME.

If I don’t take care of me, I won’t be able to write the stories that make me happy and resonate with my readers. So today, my cat took over my blog. He might not have typed it himself…if he could I would be a VERY. RICH. WOMAN. But, he gave me my subject tonight.

Live in the moment.

Take a breath, pet your cat (or dog, or bird, or…) and find time to take care of yourself.




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