A Writer Finding Her Holiday Spirit

snowflake-1823942_640This week in the US we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and I am truly grateful for my family and friends and look forward to being with them. But after Thursday (where too much food will be ingested and naps will be taken) the true year-end, holiday craziness will begin.

This year, I’ll be honest and say that I am not ready for it. I have not caught the holiday spirit. And I am looking for something, anything that will spark it for me.

Will it be putting up my tree…shopping…holiday carols…decorations…?

I’m hoping that I will find the trigger. Maybe I’ll find it in a holiday movie. Something will tug at my heart strings and I will finally feel the warm and fuzzy (non-alcohol induced that is).

As a writer, I turn to my craft when I need inspiration. Maybe I need to write a story about the holidays – what would my characters do for their own celebrations and how would they spin it in their wacky, paranormal fashion?

I’m sure with Misha, it would be all about food. And Kyle would grumble about the insanity of it all, but secretly rejoice at receiving gifts from the people and supes she loves. With my paranormal wedding planner characters, I can picture them trying to balance the holidays with planning a paranormal, high-profile wedding!

Maybe if I join in on my characters celebrations, it will bring the holiday spirit to life in my own world…something to ponder over the next week for sure!


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