Finding Your Writer Tribe


This past weekend I spoke at an Indie Author Day for the Cuyahoga County Public Library. The topic, you ask? “Indie Does Not Mean You Have to Do it Alone.”

I decided to talk about this since many writers just starting out think that they have to do everything themselves. And yes, while the actual process of writing is often done on your own, the publishing aspect shouldn’t be, even if you are self-publishing.

In my experience you need a tribe to succeed in the writing business. And as part of my talk I suggested ways for writers to find their tribe?

  • Fellow writers (why would you not want to talk to, learn from, and commiserate with others who are in the business of writing?)
  • Writing Organizations (RWA, Mystery Writers of America, Sci-Fi Writers, etc)
  • Online writing loops (Facebook groups & Yahoo groups for writers being two examples)
  • Blogs (like Creative Penn for example)
  • Libraries (amazing writer events and critique groups are closer than you think!)
  • Professionals (editors, cover artists, etc are part of the tribe as well)

Let’s face it, writing is a hard business and if you do it all alone, it can be an impossible business. Reach out and make connections, it will help you become a better writer and a better business person whether we publish indie or traditionally.


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