Release Week Recap!


It’s hard to believe an entire week has passed since the release of FROM THIS FAE FORWARD, book 2 in my wedding planner series. But this past week was Biz-Z!

First Halloween had to be celebrated! Had to be, because it’s my favorite after all. My Bride of Frankenstein costume won first place at work! How cool is that? It all came down to the wig, it was a diva wig and decided it wanted to win.

Then there were promos and social media and fun to be had. And while this was going on, I was watching the World Series. I live in Northeast OH and so fingers were crossed and late nights were spent watching and hoping the Indians would win. Sadly that wasn’t the case, but if we had to lose, I’m glad it was to the Cubs.

This weekend was PERFECT fall weather where I live. The leaves were falling and the weather was warm enough to be outside! So on Sunday, I actually sat outside and wrote. Not something I can often do in November.

I also prepared for a talk I am doing next Saturday for the Indie Author Conference and Showcase. I will be presenting “Indie Does Not Mean Doing it Alone.” If you’re interested in learning more about Indie Publishing, check out the Cuyahoga County Public Library Events calendar HERE.

Now what are my next writing plans you ask? Well, I am working on some Mind Sweeper short stories. Fun flashback stories about Kyle and how she first learns about paranormal and meets Misha and Jean Luc. Little treats that can be read as compliment stories to my Mind Sweeper series. Those should hopefully come out early in the new year. Then I will be moving on to the third book in my wedding planner series.

See what I mean? Biz-Z. The fun never ends in booklandia. So stay tuned!


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