Celebrate Release Day and Halloween With Me!

I am so excited for release day! This time, it is doubly awesome because I am releasing on Halloween, my FAVORITE holiday! When I decided to release FROM THIS FAE FORWARD, my second wedding planner book in October, it only felt natural to plan it for Halloween. I mean, it is a paranormal book, right?

I laid the idea out – I would enjoy both the holiday and my release in one fell swoop. I would take the day off of work and celebrate my release.

So I announced my plan and went to work, very proud of myself, until everyone started to protest. You see, it has become a tradition for me to dress up for Halloween at work. I keep it a secret from everyone and then come in and enjoy my coworkers’ reactions. I have been Harry Potter, Napoleon Dynamite, Lucille Ball, Ugly Betty, Thing One, and Cruella de Vil, just to name a few. So when I told them that I would not be coming to work on Halloween, I had a rebellion on my hands!

I had to promise to come to work (even if it was just for a little while) and now I had to also come up with a costume as well. It made sense to want to tie my costume to my release. I’m all about a theme! I thought about it for a bit and decided that since this is a paranormal wedding planner series, I would be a bride. And who is the best bride to be for  Halloween? The bride of Frankenstein, of course!

20161030_103955So what do you think?

On release day, I always take a picture of me with my book and my tiara – since I am a kickbutt author princess! Today, my tiara is perched on my amazing Bride of Frankenstein hair. I couldn’t deprive you of the tiara picture. This time it just comes with some additional flare!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my release and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!


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