Birdie Has Left the Building

aviary-670878_640Yesterday I sent my second wedding planner manuscript to my editor to start detailed edits. YAY! The birdie has left the building, if only for a little while. Soon enough, it will be back squawking for attention. And that’s okay, because I’m still in nurturing mode with my manuscript.

I want to make sure that the characters, plot, scenes, and dialogue are sharp and entertaining. And let’s not forget about motivation and conflict!

For this part of the process, it’s about STORY and not word count, which I love.And speaking about love…I am in love with my hero in this book. He’s a southern boy who happens to be a sea nymph. Oh, did I mention he’s an ex Navy SEAL? Yep. Charlie is my newest “book boyfriend.” So I’m anxious to share the story with you all to find out what you think of him 🙂

For the next week, my super-duper editor is applying her magic to the pages of my story. Then it will come back to me. SQUAWK, SQUAWK, SQUAWK. But no worries, since I will be one step closer to pushing the birdie out of the nest and into your hands!



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