Time to Reconnect

I’ve returned home from another amazing RWA conference. And since my brain is not fully functioning today, I will be providing you more pictures than words in this week’s blog.

20160717_083522To begin this discussion, I have to first say that San Diego was incredible as was the hotel. The first picture is a view from my balcony. It set the stage for the whole week. Any time I was able to, I spent it outdoors. Dinner each night was eaten outside as close to the water as possible.

I also went sightseeing at the beginning of the week and got a small sampling of what the San Diego area had to offer: Balboa Park, Old Town, Seaport Village, Little Italy, Gaslamp District and Coronado. Sadly, I did not find a Navy SEAL to bring home with me 😦


And now it was time for the conference and it didn’t disappoint. 2000+ writers and industry professionals coming together to discuss the craft and the business of writing. The energy at these conferences is intense. Think Alvin and the Chipmunks on speed. Yep, you’re getting the feel for it now!

But when you bring creativity together, I think you are going to have this explosion of energy. For me, I use it to recharge my batteries.

And Sentinel Lost won the Bookseller’s Best Award for Paranormal Romance at the conference this year as well! It also came in second in the PRISM awards and was a finalist in the Daphne Awards. I am so honored that the fifth book in my series was recognized this year!

One of my favorite events is the indie bookselling event and I was lucky to be a part of that this year as well. It is so wonderful to share your work with your fellow writers and see that indies are moving forward in this ever-changing business.


And of course, there are the writing friends along the way who keep us sane and we share our writing joys and disappointments with. THAT is what makes me come back each year. The ability to meet with my writing friends to learn and recharge, to commiserate and celebrate, to talk the language of writing.

And so I am back home today in the ‘real world’ trying to get my feet back under me as my brain has already started to think about new stories and new business strategies.

On and on we go…


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