Time For Fireworks!

fireworks-1758_640Today in the states we are celebrating Independence Day which includes cookouts, family gatherings and culminates in an evening of fireworks.

Now, you would think that watching fireworks each year would not be THAT exciting. I mean, we know what to expect. Colors, lights, whistles, and booms fill the air and yet we continue to come out each year and ohh and ahh throughout.


I’m glad you asked…Because we know what the fireworks display will generally consist of, but we don’t know how this year they will be displayed. The fun is in not knowing WHICH fireworks to expect WHEN. What color will it be this time? Will it make that whizzing sound or boom like thunder? When will the finale begin?

Writing is much the same way. Each novel contains characters and plot leading to a satisfying conclusion, but what makes it interesting is that within the story you don’t know what will happen to those characters to make them change, grow, and fall in love. If the story is written well, the reader will ohh and ahh through the pages until they reach the finale.

And much like fireworks when we clap at the end and anticipate next year, the reader is already thinking about getting their hands on the next story.

2 thoughts on “Time For Fireworks!

  1. There are only 26 letters in the alphabet, yet look how many ways those words can be displayed. You’re right; the fireworks has a start and finale, but oh what the middle brings. Some new colors, patterns, shapes. Just like a book.

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