Creative Avenues

Each year, my father and I participate in our town’s Chalk Walk. This is an event where kids and adults (who still think they are kids) go to town and draw on the sidewalks. Think of it as a legalized graffiti day!

For my dad and I, it’s a time to do something together. We enjoy the idea of picking out the picture and then figuring out how we’ll resize it and draw it on the sidewalk. My dad has a whole process worked out now on what we do (now you know where my OCD comes from, right?).

He is the true artist. He draws the design and then I add the color and depth. We make a good team and since we are both creative, it’s a wonderful outlet for us.

And ultimately, that’s what matters. Are the pictures perfect? No. But the experience is the key. Are we having fun along the way?

That’s an important lesson I need to tell myself with my writing and with my life.

So here is this year’s design….what do you think?



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