Out with the Old

waste-paper-1024485_640This weekend I rummaged through one of my closets and found a large plastic container that I hadn’t opened in years. I wasn’t even sure what was inside. So I pulled the lid off and delved into the box.

Inside were stacks of school papers from when I was working toward my MBA. At the time, I thought it was so very important to hold onto these papers, homework assignments, etc. Now? Not so much. They weren’t important anymore because I had no sense of context to what they were about. And it got me thinking about my writing (doesn’t everything?).

As I continue to write and grow as an author, I realize that what was important in the past is not as important now. Characters, plot, scene, description can be pared down into what matters in moving the story forward and giving the reader an emotional response.

Ultimately, the reader needs context. Because that’s what makes the story resonate to them.

So as I head to the recycle bins to throw away all of these old papers,  I tell myself to let go of the old and look to the future for the sake of closet space and my writing style!




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