Time to Fall Out of Love


As you know, I have been diligently working on the next book in my paranormal wedding planner series, FROM THIS FAE FORWARD. My editor read the manuscript and has sent back content edits. Content edits are the big, overarching changes that deal with the story and characters.

Sometimes content edits can be hard to swallow, because authors are in that honeymoon stage with their book at this phase of the process. But here’s the thing. You can’t be so in love with the story that you refuse to make changes to it. So now is the time when you have to fall out of love with it, even if just for a little bit. You need perspective. Because in all honesty, there is something that you can do to make it that much better if you keep an open mind.

Once you’ve accepted that, you can start the edits. Okay…accepted.

So now I am diving into the editing pool and making changes to the story. And even though editing is NOT my favorite part of the process, there is something exciting about looking at the story and saying, ‘what if…’

  • What if I made the heroine’s motivation and back story different to explain why she reacts the way she does?
  • What if I change the antagonist’s reason for evil? (pretty cool when you get to decide someone’s reason for being evil, right?)
  • What if I make the hero have more angst in his background? (we love those angsty heroes)
  • What if the climax scene gets thrown out the window for a new one now that I have made the earlier changes?

And the what ifs can go on and on if I let them…

But at some point, I will have to reign in the what ifs and let the story stand on its own. Then the story will head to a beta reader and then on to detail edits. And once I am done with all of the edits?

I can fall in love with it all over again.






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